American Football Betting Strategy

american football betting

American football betting millions of people watch and love the NFL, so it’s no wonder that similar numbers are reproduced in the sports betting world. Football is such a significant draw for American sportsbooks that it is now the most popular sport in terms of betting volume, and consequently the largest betting market.

Every season, billions of dollars are gambled on NFL games, so there’s a lot on the line. So, if bettors want to make money during the season, they need to be cautious, and that’s where betting techniques come in.

Long-term profit can be ensured with the use of methods. The majority of great pro bettors employ their own tactics that have been fine-tuned to perfection—and these are the strategies that keep the money coming in.

What Leagues are the Best for Starting to Bet in American Football?

If you are serious about American football betting, there will never be a shortage of games and leagues to wager on. Here are a few of the competitions on which you can wager.


Is it legal to bet on American Football in the Philippines?

Yes, because Filipinos enjoy betting on local events, many gamblers use internet sportsbooks. Filipinos can now place bets on legal online sports betting firms in the Philippines that welcome consumers from the region. Online players can now use their mobile phones or tablets to log into their accounts and play from anywhere in the islands.

The convenience of playing online is the finest aspect, as gamers can wager on American football and other popular local sports without having to travel to a physical facility. When looking for information on legal mobile betting sites, our guide to Philippine mobile sportsbooks is an excellent place to start

Types of American Football Betting

Super Bowl Winner

This is a straightforward wager. Simply choose your favorite team to win the Super Bowl this year and deposit your wager.


The Moneyline bet is on who will win the game. To win the bet, all that is required is a choice between team A and team B as a winner. This is the type of wager that most newcomers and casual bettors like.

Point Spread

There are numerous types of point spread bets, but in general, they are similar to Moneyline bets in that you must predict who will win the game. The score differential between the winning and losing teams, on the other hand, will be predicted. If the losing team loses to the other team, you can bet on them to cover a set point spread.


Simply put, a teaser is a parlay with a different point spread. The industry-standard 2-team 6-point teaser is usually used. There are also teasers for 2-team games with 6.5-point and 7-point spreads. This may appear difficult at first, but once you grasp the concept, it may be a fun way to wager on a game.


This is a wager on the players landing the first of something, making a specific play, or reaching a specific goal. It might be the game’s first touchdown, the quarterback with the most touchdowns in a season, or even the year’s MVP.


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Line Shopping

You’ll need to conduct a little “line shopping” if you want to have the best chance of generating money this NFL season. Checking a few different sportsbooks and analyzing the lines on the plays you want to bet on is what line shopping is all about. On Monday night, for example, you could want to bet on the Bears to cover the 5 point spread. Check other sportsbooks before placing your wager, since the Bears may be classified as 4.5 point favorites rather than 5 point favorites at one of them.

Look For Weekly Edges

I can’t tell you how many times I see gamblers that bet on every game (or nearly every game) in the NFL every week. This is a prescription for catastrophe in the long run; to be a successful NFL bettor, you must seek for and exploit edges.

Find what you believe to be an edge in the NFL lines and place your wagers accordingly. Some weeks you may place four NFL bets, others six, and still others simply one or two NFL bets during the weekend. If you want action and to make the NFL games more exciting, don’t force bets. Find a few strong options each weekend and wager them with 2-5 percent of your bankroll, as we suggested above, if you want to profit this NFL season.

There's Always The Possibility of A Surprise

During a basketball season, dozens of games are played. NBA clubs, for example, will play up to 82 times. The top clubs are projected to flatten their opponents the majority of the time this season. They have no trouble dealing with the lower-tier clubs. They will, however, lose some games, and some of these losses may come against lower-tier opponents. As a professional bettor, you should be informed of current trends or anticipate future events.

Don't ever bet on ultra favorites

One of the most prevalent blunders, particularly among newcomers to sports betting, is to believe that betting on favorites is the simplest method to bet. While it may appear to be a simple win because bookie favorites are usually the public favorites with a solid track record of winning, it does not provide much value to your wager as a bettor.

Going all-in on the big favorites has the drawback of requiring you to wager a large sum of money in order to achieve a significant profit. This is because popular favorites are frequently granted a limited profit margin due to the large number of individuals who are expected to wager on them. If your team loses the game, you will lose a lot of money.

Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on American Football

Flawed Bankroll Management

Successful bettors must carefully manage their bankrolls. There are a variety of common NFL betting blunders, but mismanaging a bankroll is unnecessary and may lead to disaster faster than nearly any other pitfall.

Divide a stake, or the entire amount of money put at the sportsbook, into “units” to manage a bankroll. Setting daily limitations on wagered cash is another sensible approach.

Betting the Over Too Often

When it comes to Over/Under lines, the urge to bet for fun can be dangerous, just like when it comes to NFL betting mistakes like picking for or against your favorite team. Because it’s exciting to root for both offenses to score points, sports gamblers frequently choose the “over.” However, O/U lines are set scientifically, and the “under” is usually just as likely to win.

NFL Parlays

One of the most common NFL betting mistakes is betting on too many parlays. If the bookie appears to have mispriced two or more individual competitions, veteran gamblers advise betting on each game separately rather than combining them all in a parlay.