Anthony Davis has been an unstoppable force for the Los Angeles Lakers in their battle against the Golden State Warriors. He made history by becoming the first player in NBA history to score 20 points and grab ten rebounds in the first half of a playoff game with an astounding 90% shooting rate since tracking began in the 1996-97 season. However, in his zeal to help his team, Davis may have played a bit too aggressively.

In the early minutes of the third quarter, with the Lakers leading by two points, Stephen Curry missed a jump shot, and Davis, striving to grab another rebound, went up to catch the ball. Instead of seeing it, he swatted the ball back toward the rim, and to everyone’s amazement, the ball went through the hoop. Davis, unfortunately, had unintentionally tied the game for the Warriors.

Lakers vs GSW Game 1

While the two points were credited to Kevon Looney, the Warriors’ big man, it was crystal clear that Davis was the one who scored. Both players laughed off the mistake, and Davis, who showed no signs of frustration, immediately made up for his error by turning a D’Angelo Russell pass into a thunderous dunk.

Davis has been the Lakers’ standout player in the postseason, causing serious problems for the Warriors in Game 1. To win the championship, the Lakers will need Davis to perform like this consistently, and he has been delivering beyond expectations so far this postseason. However, as demonstrated in this game, anyone can make mistakes, even the best players.

In conclusion, Anthony Davis’s mistake might have been the game’s highlight, but it should not overshadow his impressive performance. The Lakers will need him to continue his excellent play if they hope to win the championship.