The warriors-finished group took the game with 6:02 left in the second quarter and a 43-35 lead. Through the moment halftime went around, the Warriors had built a 57-51 ahead. The current death lineup went on a 22-8 run in the first half, and how they did it should frighten not only the Nuggets but any team that comes in their way in the postseason. In the abstract, talked about the Golden State Warriors’ latest “death lineup,” The unit did not play a single minute during the regular season.

Green said:

“You can’t ask for anything more on the offensive end, any more choices than that,” Curry said. “You’ve got those three players [Curry, Thompson, and Poole] out there at the same time, for me as a passer, that’s nirvana.”

In the Warriors’ Game 2

In the Warriors’ Game 2 thrashing of the Nuggets, Stephen Curry scores a game-high 34 points. Within the last two seasons, Warriors Stephen Curry has accepted a brief bench position. Curry made his first appearance off the bench in Game 4 of the 2016 Western Conference semifinals against Portland. After missing the previous 15 days due to a Grade 2 MCL sprain in his right knee. Curry returned as a substitute in Game 2 of the 2018 Western Conference playoffs against New Orleans. After missing a combined 10 regular-season games and 6 postseason outings due to a Grade 2 MCL injury in his left knee.

Stephen Curry’s said:

“Certainly, I hope to be out there in the final lineup in important matches. And perhaps change that perception a very little bit at times of the games you get dealt with an injury and losing that much experience and coming right back,”

“I enjoy the healthy competition, especially since I know he beat me in the season-long race. He set a high bar for himself when it came to making free throws. To pull me off the line for the techs, it’ll take a lot more than one free throw champion.”

Stephen Curry may showed a lack of interest in playing as a starter or a backup. However, it appears unlikely that this job will remain long. We’re talking about the all-time best shooter in the NBA, who is vying for his fourth NBA title and first Finals MVP.