The Highest PBA Paid Basketball Player: A Look at the Top Earners in Philippine Basketball

The players bring excitement to the court and command considerable profits in the lively environment of Philippine basketball, where passion meets ability and dedication. The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is a monument to the country’s passion for basketball. We dig into the realm of the PBA’s best-paid players, revealing the significant names and individuals who define the league’s financial landscape.


June Mar Fajardo

June Mar Fajardo, a vital member of the San Miguel Beermen, is the PBA’s highest-paid player, earning a whopping P420,000 monthly. His towering stature on the court matches his remarkable talents, making him the league’s dominant force. Fajardo’s impact on and off the court is evident, having received countless honors, including three MVP titles.

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Japeth Aguilar

Japeth Aguilar of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel comes in second, with a monthly salary of P350,000. Aguilar has been a fan favorite due to his remarkable jumping ability and diverse playing style. His enormous earnings reflect his brilliance and widespread popularity among basketball fans in the Philippines.

Stanley Pringle

Stanley Pringle, another significant player for the San Miguel Beermen, earns P300,000 per month and makes the list. Pringle’s explosive playing style and aptitude for clutch plays make him an essential member of his squad. His earning potential reflects his continuous performance on the court.

Marcio Lassiter

Marcio Lassiter of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel earns P250,000 each month. Lassiter’s reputation as a sniper and dedication to the game have won him a well-deserved spot among the league’s highest-paid players. His ability to sink important shots from beyond the arc gives his team a strategic advantage.

Christian Standhardinger

Christian Standhardinger, who represents the Northport Batang Pier, earns P220,000 monthly. Standhardinger, known for his physical strength and well-rounded talents, offers a distinct dimension to the league. His steady play demonstrates his value as a high-earning PBA player.

Scottie Thompson

Scottie Thompson of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel is a high earner, having a monthly salary of P200,000. Thompson’s flexibility on the court and his ability to contribute in numerous aspects of the game make him a valuable member of his squad. His earnings reflect his value in the league.

Paul Lee

Rain or Shine Elasto Painters’ Paul Lee gets P180,000 each month. Lee’s deft moves and leadership qualities distinguish him as a player who regularly delivers when it counts the most. His pay reflects his on-court abilities and his function as a mentor to his colleagues.

Calvin Abueva

Calvin Abueva makes P170,000 monthly as the owner of Phoenix Super LPG Fuel Masters. Abueva’s determination and enthusiasm on the floor make him a league star. His talents go beyond the game, as he delivers an unrivaled degree of energy that connects with both spectators and players.

Arwind Santos

Arwind Santos of the San Miguel Beermen earns P160,000 per month. Santos gives his squad a plethora of knowledge and leadership as a seasoned figure in the league. His constant play over the years indicates his lasting influence on Philippine basketball.

Greg Slaughter

Greg Slaughter gets P150,000 per month as a Meralco Bolts representative. Slaughter’s skill set, particularly his ability in the paint, is crucial to his team’s success. His regular earnings highlight his worth as a solid performer in the league.


Finally, the PBA’s best-paid players represent remarkable basketball talent and the financial benefits that come with devotion and strenuous effort. Each player’s distinct abilities and accomplishments add to the league’s diverse terrain, enthralling fans and enthusiasts around the Philippines. We also recognize their power on and off the court as we celebrate their achievements.