Manchester City vs Brighton: Manchester City crushed a diligent Brighton side 3-0 to recover advance of the competition in the Premier League rankings. For a large part of the initial 45 minutes, Pep Guardiola’s group was baffled by Brighton’s protective shape and battled to create possibilities.

After a messy Robert Sanchez clearing, Riyad Mahrez had the best opportunity. Yet he stood by too lengthy ready, and was the serious part. Despite the tension in the fans following a poor start to the game, City remained unflappable. However, when City scored their most memorable objective, the game was never in doubt. 

Man of the Match 

Kevin De Bruyne turned on the style when his team needed him most. When he scooped up the ball on the half-turn and drove at Brighton’s backline positions. No one could stop him as he pushed challenges away. 

The goal he created was crucial in giving his team control of the match and finishing panic from setting in. His fantastic assist for the third goal by Silva topped a vintage De Bruyne display. 

Manchester City vs Brighton

The world’s eyes were on Guardiola’s team, and Liverpool fans morphed into Brighton fans for the evening. The Seagulls had a strong away record (the sixth-best in the league previous to the match). And it was clear that Man City was in for a tough time. But, as all great teams do, they found a way to win not just once but three times, making the triumph look quite convincing. 

City’s next Premier League opponents are Watford, Leeds, and Newcastle. With a crucial Champions League semi-final match against Real Madrid thrown in for good measure. This championship race will go down to the wire and might go either way. But neither team is giving indications of dropping points. The city is ahead by one point. 

Manchester City vs Brighton Highlights

Manchester City
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> Sanchez tries to play out of the back, but Mahrez intercepts it and gains possession of the ball in front of the goal, but he fails to pass or shoot. Caicedo eventually returns and tackles him. The city does not make its contribution. 

> It’s Mahrez who finally breaks the deadlock at 53′! On the counter-attack, De Bruyne shrugs off opponents and pokes the ball through to Mahrez. He shoots, and the ball loops over Sanchez after hitting Veltman, who was sliding in to prevent the shot.

> Mwepu has a great turning. It’s a short corner to the edge of the box, and Foden takes it. It’s not a terrific shot, but it misdirects Sanchez after it deflects off Mwepu’s foot as he tries to block it. A generous helping of good fortune. 

> When Brighton tries to play out, Zinchenko intercepts the ball and passes it to De Bruyne, who drives it to Silva. He makes the opening strike and curls the ball into the net.