UEFA Champions League LIVE: In the quarter-final second legs, Atletico Madrid will face Manchester City and Liverpool vs. Benfica

UEFA Champions League LIVE: In the quarter-final:

FT: Atletico 0 (0)-(1) 0 Man City

In advance, citizens draw a tense confrontation. At Wanda Metropolitano, the final whistle blows as Manchester City clings on for a 0-0 draw to complete the line-up. It’s for the Champions League semi-finals, which will have decided by a final brawl. The Citizens are held to a goalless draw by Atletico Madrid in a game that saw more brawls than goals. In an explosive final reel, the Rojiblancos bow out on the home ground, failing to capture the goal that would have sent them on. Pep Guardiola beats Diego Simeone to the title and is closer to making up for last year’s final heartbreak. It will take a second trip to Madrid to play Real Madrid.

FT: Liverpool 3 (6)-(4) 3 Benfica

The Reds go to the semi-finals after a six-goal tie. In Madrid, there will be at least nine minutes more. But it’s all over at Anfield, and Liverpool is back in the Champions League semi-finals. In the second half, it hasn’t been the seamless performance Jurgen Klopp had hoped for, with Benfica recovering late for a rush of consolation finishes. Also, both teams have committed several offside fouls. On the other hand, the Reds are the third team in the hat. They’ll play Villarreal, the current holders of the Europa League, and we’ll find out who will join them there soon enough.

UEFA Champions League LIVE

RED CARD: Atletico 0 (0)-(1) 0 Man City

UEFA Champions League LIVE: Stefan Savic has lost his head and Atletico Madrid is down to ten men. Phil Foden is pursued by Felipe moments after Atletico Madrid squanders a wonderful chance, and the Manchester City midfielder takes an incredible tumble. Both sides are massed near the corner flag, squaring up against each other, as Savic sprints towards him. As a result, the latter gets a yellow card. His second option is to fire him, although the Rojiblancos are fortunate not to be down to nine players. Savic attempted to get Foden to his feet after that.

Atletico 0 (0)-(1) 0 Man City

Rojiblancos are running out of time. Atletico Madrid has two opportunities in a row, one of which might be their best of the night. To deny the first and Stefan Savic, John Stones emerges with his iron defense. With the second at the left post from a corner, it just goes wide. For Atletico, time is running out. There have four minutes left until injury time come.

GOAL: Liverpool 3 (6)-(4) 3 Benfica

Darwin Nunez

Benfica is up against the odds, and he’ll be at his best at Anfield tonight. Darwin Nunez, a Liverpool target, ties the game up on Merseyside, despite a two-goal deficit. read more.

GOAL: Liverpool 3 (6)-(3) 2 Benfica

Roberto Firmino

UEFA Champions League LIVE: Liverpool appears to have won a spot in the Champions League semi-finals. In addition, Roberto Firmino gives an extra goal to put them four goals ahead of Benfica. Firmino rises at the right post and volleys the guided free-kick into the far corner of the net. It’s all quite wonderful.

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