In UEFA Champions League Semis, Manchester City and Liverpool will try to defend their 1-0 and 3-1 quarter-final against Atletico Madrid and Benfica.

Manchester City and Liverpool

UEFA Champions League: Manchester City vs Atletico Madrid (1/0)

The city is in a tight race to reach the semifinals for the second straight season. After a conservative first leg, Atletico adopted an approach in the second leg. Pep Guardiola is aware that the rematch will be different.

Pep Guardiola said, At the back end of the field, they’ll be more intense. So we’ll have to adjust our game accordingly.

The game is the second of two against City’s strongest current opponent. In addition, Liverpool played a 2-2 tie in a Premier League encounter on Sunday and an FA Cup semifinal match. At Wembley Stadium on Saturday. As a result, Guardiola’s decision on which players to select is a juggling act. He also has right-back, Kyle Walker, returning after a three-match European suspension. In the Champions League, Atletico must stop a six-game losing record at home, its first time since 2017, a chance to advance to the semifinals. Defender Jos Mara Gimenez has expected to miss the game due to a muscle injury with midfielder Hector Herrera. He has anticipated being out of the game due to injury. Also, Yannick Carrasco is back in the lineup after receiving a suspension.

The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium will not be completely packed. The team had punished with discriminatory behavior by UEFA. And the closure of a 5,000-seat portion of the stadium. During the first leg in Manchester, an Atletico fan have caught on camera performing a Nazi salute. read more.

Manchester City and Liverpool

Liverpool vs Benfica (3/1)

UEFA Champions League: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp expects Benfica to fight all out in the second leg at Anfield, with his team leading by two goals.

Jurgen Klopp said, I already know what I’d do. I’d also attempt to put us under a lot of pressure and score early. Benfica had previously shown respect for us, but I’m sure they felt close to us throughout the game.

UEFA Champions League: It might play directly into Klopp’s hands, given the six-time winners have one of Europe’s most dangerous attacking lines. Particularly in attacking play and using space behind defenses. Luis Diaz had rested for the Premier League match against Manchester City, which ended in a 2-2 tie. After scoring a late third goal against the team, he is ready to return to the attack. When he played for Porto in Portugal, it was his main rival. Rafa Silva of Benfica is expected to play despite missing the team’s Tuesday training session.

The Portuguese team expects to maintain depending on Darwin Nez’s goals, which he has scored six times in four games, including one in the first leg against Liverpool in Lisbon. On Saturday, he scored a hat trick in Benfica’s 3-1 home win over Belenenses in the Portuguese league. Benfica, a two-time European champion, hasn’t reached the European Cup semifinals since 1990.

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