What is WFA?

The Women’s Football Alliance is a full-contact, professional women’s American football tackling league that debuted in 2009. Jeff King and Lisa Gibbons King of Exeter, California, own and operate the league. It is the world’s largest 11-on-11 football league for women, as well as the United States’ longest-running active women’s football league. The league has had three competitive levels since 2016, with Pro, Division 2, and Division 3 being the most recent additions.

WFA Early years

Further, the Women’s Football Alliance was laid out in 2009 and started its debut season with 36 groups. In addition, a significant number of the groups were at that point laid out groups from different associations. For example, the Women’s Professional Football League. Others started their debut period of play in the Women’s Football Alliance during the 2012-13 season. The principal firstly period of the Women’s Football Alliance finished with a title game played in New Orleans, Louisiana. St. Louis turned into the primary Women’s Football Alliance National Champions with the last score of 21-14. Secondly, there was an International Game played between the Aguilas Regias of Monterrey, Mexico, and the facilitating group, New Orleans Blaze.

However, in 2010, the inaugural All-American game was held. By a score of 16–12, to clarify the Lone Star Mustangs of the American Conference (Dallas/Fort Worth) defeated the Columbus Comets of the National Conference (Columbus, Ohio). Therefore, to become the Women’s Football Alliance’s second National Champions. Firstly, Bedford, Texas hosted the 2011 Women’s Football Alliance championship. Secondly, the Boston Militia won the championship by defeating the San Diego Surge 34–19.

In addition, the National Championship of the Women’s Football Alliance Association was held in an NFL stadium for the first time in 2012. The San Diego Surge defeated the Chicago Force 40–36 to win the championship. In the meantime, the Chicago Force opened the 2013 Women’s Football Alliance season by defeating the Dallas Diamonds 81-34 at Balboa Stadium in San Diego, California. Whitney Zelee became the first player in NFL history to carry for more than 2,000 yards in a single season. After losing the championship game in 2012, the Force came back to win it in 2013.

Women’s Football Alliance season

In August, the 2014 Women’s Football Alliance season began. The Boston Militia became the first team in Women’s Football Alliance history to win two championships. In the Alliance Bowl, the Seattle Majestics took against the Indianapolis Crash. The Kenneth Massey Ratings were implemented into the playoff structure of the league.

This season saw the introduction of mid-major bowl games for the first time. The D.C. Wizards began off the 2015 Women’s Football Alliance season. At Southwest College Stadium in Los Angeles (Calif.), the Divas defeated the Dallas Elite 30–26 in the WFA National Championship game. In the Alliance Bowl, the Central California War Angels defeated the Atlanta Phoenix 28–8.

The D.C. Divas won their second national championship in as many years by winning the first W Bowl. Allison Cahill became the first female quarterback to win 100 games while just playing in women’s football leagues. On July 22, the Dallas Elite won the W Bowl II, the Division 1 National Championship. After a rematch in the title game versus Tampa Bay, the St. Louis Slam repeated as Division 2 champions. The Arkansas Wildcats won Division 3 by defeating the Orlando Anarchy 42–26.

2021-22 Championship Games

The Boston Renegades crushed the Los Angeles Warriors 42-18 in the Division 1 National Championship game. Furthermore, the New York Sharks guaranteed the Division 2 title with a 27-21 triumph over the Minnesota Vixen. Boston Renegades rehash as Division 1 heroes. St. Louis Slam beat Detroit Dark Angels 34-0 to bring home the Division 2 championship. Orlando Anarchy made its third back-to-back excursion to Division 3 title game yet tumbled to Nevada Storm 62-45. Lastly, Boston beat the Cali War 52-24 at the Colorado School of Mines.

In addition, two feature films on the league’s players were released. However, the Women’s Football Coaching Alliance was founded by the WFA (WFCA). Secret, Xenith, Wilson, Glazier Clinics, and the Florida State University Interdisciplinary Center for Athletic Coaching are among the league’s other partners.

After a season was lost due to a global pandemic in 2020, the league resumed play. Therefore, the season of 2021 will include 49 teams (7 in Division 1, 12 in Division 2, and 30 in Division 3), with championship games held at the Hall of Fame Stadium. Therefore, on Next Level Sports television channels, all three final games were televised.

Women’s Football Alliance Teams

Since 2011, the Women’s Football Alliance has been the country’s largest and most competitive women’s football competition. In addition, WFA has over sixty-three active teams for the 2022 season of America’s best women’s football teams. Firstly, represents every region of the country, making it the world’s largest women’s football league today.

WFA TeamsLocation
Arizona Outkast (div III)Phoenix, Arizona
Arlington Impact (PRO)Arlington, Texas
Austin Outlaws (div II)Austin, Texas
Baltimore Nighthawks (div II)Baltimore, Maryland
Boston Renegades (PRO)Boston, Massachusetts
Cali War (PRO)Los Angeles, California
California Crush (div III)Lancaster, California
Capital Pioneers (div III)Salem, Oregon
Capital City Savages (div III)Flint, Michigan
Carolina Phoenix (div III)Greensboro, North Carolina
Carolina Scorpions (developmental)Columbia, South Carolina
Cincinnati Sizzle (developmental)Cincinnati, Ohio
Columbus Chaos (div II)Columbus, Ohio
Columbus Vanguards (div III)Columbus, Indiana
Connecticut Hawks (div III)Waterbury, Connecticut (view more)

Women’s Football Alliance Most Recent Championship

Women’s Football Alliance Boston Renegades

The Boston Renegades of the World Football Alliance are a tackle football team. The Renegades are based in Boston and play their home games at Revere’s Harry Della Russo Stadium.

WFA Derby City Dynamite

The Derby City Dynamite is a Women’s Football Alliance expansion team that began play in 2012. The Dynamite’s home arena is John Hardin High School in Elizabethtown, which is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Women’s Football Alliance Championship Game

Furthermore, in women’s tackle football, the level of competition is at an all-time high, and the number of teams is at an all-time high. However, the Hall of Fame Village is controlled by Johnson Controls, WaV Sports and Entertainment LLC. And firstly, the WFA is introducing the – Division I National Championship Game. Secondly is Division II National Championship Game. Thirdly, Division III National Championship Game. And lastly, the WFA All-American Game tournament.

WFA Division I Championship

The Division I Football Championship is an annual post-season college football game held since 2006. As a result, to determine the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision’s national champion. In addition, the game is the championship match of a playoff bracket tournament that takes place every year.

WFA Division II Championship

However, the WFA Division II Football Championship is an annual collegiate football tournament in the United States that determines a champion. It was initially conducted in 1973 as an eight-team single-elimination event. The tournament field has been increased three times since then: in 1988, it was expanded to 16 teams. Further, in 2004, it was expanded to 24 teams, and in 2016, it was expanded to 28 teams.

WFA Division III Championship

Coupled with the WFA Division III Football Championship started in 1973. Moreover, the Division III playoffs start with 32 groups deciding to take part in the Division III playoffs. WFA Division III championship game, firstly referred to as the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl or Stagg Bowl may be held at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio in 2021. And secondly, the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on the grounds of the US

WFA All-American

In the meantime, from 1946 to 1949, the WFA All-American was a professional American football league that competed against the existing National Football League. However, the All-American Football Conference (AAFC) was the second American professional football league. In general, to have its clubs play in a double round-robin style during the regular season. In addition, each team has a home and away game against the other AAFC team.