International Boxing Federation History

What is IBF?

The relationship of International Boxing Federation (IBF) is one of four critical saws by the International Boxing Hall of Fame that support capable boxing fights, close by the firstly WBC, secondly WBA, and lastly WBO. In addition, the International Boxing Federation was laid out in 1983 under the laws of the State of New Jersey. Very familiar people to chip away at the capability and consistency of master boxing oversight, as well as help and help capable boxing, is a non-benefit relationship with purposeful cooperation.

IBF Early History

In the meantime, in november 1983, the USBA-I conducted its inaugural conference in Newark, New Jersey. Three boxing events were organized in Asia for the next months during this convention. Therefore, several additional probable events were explored. The organization’s goals and policies were repeated, but what stood out the most was the fact that the USBA-I was established to provide opportunities for growth to those who desired them. In addition, young boxers joining the professional boxing ring will now have more possibilities. Firstly to show off their skills and achieve their dreams of becoming world champions. This is also true for new promoters wanting to break into the global championship boxing scene.

Before the IBF, there was the United States Boxing Association (USBA). To conclude a regional championship organization to the North American Boxing Federation (NABF). The International Boxing Federation, formerly known as the USBA-International, was subsequently rebranded is still based in New Jersey. According to news reports, Bobby Lee served as a New Jersey boxing commissioner until 1985. In addition, when the Ethical Standards Commission “suspended and fined him for accepting bribes from fight promoters and casino executives.”

Therefore, IBF’s inaugural world champion was Marvin Camel. In addition, a previous WBC world cruiserweight champion who also won the IBF title in the same weight class. During its initial year of existence, the IBF was virtually unknown. In the meantime, in 1983, the International Boxing Federation (IBF) was established as the third sanctioning body. And also a legal entity in the sport.

International Boxing 2020-21

Despite erecting a veneer of legitimacy following a three-year investigation. In the meantime launched in 1996 by former heavyweight champion Michael Moorer. Moreover, the IBF’s reputation was shattered in 1999 when organizer Lee was charged with racketeering. And secondly, other violations for accepting hush money in exchange for high boxing rankings. The FBI was aware of the IBF from Lee’s conviction until September 2004. In addition, Hiawatha Knight (October 1929 – October 2014) was a former Michigan boxing magistrate. Firstly, WBA vice president, boxing health advocate. And secondly, IBF break president who was the first woman to interact with any world overseeing boxing body after Lee’s conviction.

Marian Muhammad was elected president in 2001, while Daryl J. Peoples served as president till 2018. However, the IBF held its “1st Annual Convention of IBF Muaythai” in Bangkok on the 20th. And secondly, 21st of December 2017. In addition, Daryl Peoples the president of the IBF. Lastly, was in attendance new IBF Muay Thai champions were crowned in three weight divisions.

Current IBF World Title Holders

Furthermore, this is a rundown of IBF title holders, showing each best on the planet certificated by the International Boxing Federation (IBF). In addition, the IBF is one of the four significant overseeing bodies in proficient boxing. And secondly has ensured title holders in 17 different weight classes

Male International Boxing Federation World Champions

The IBF has certified the following male as world champions International Boxing Federation

ChampionWeight ClassReign BeganDays
Rene Mark CuartoMini flyweight (105 lbs)27 February 2021397
Sunny EdwardsFlyweight (112 lbs)30 April 2021335
Fernando MartínezJunior bantamweight (115 lbs)26 February 202233
Josh WarringtonFeatherweight (126 lbs)26 March 20225
Kenichi OgawaJunior lightweight (130 lbs)27 November 2021124
George Kambosos Jr.Lightweight (135 lbs)27 November 2021124
Oleksandr UsykHeavyweight (200+ lbs)25 September 2021187
Mairis BriedisCruiserweight (200 lbs)26 September 2020551
Jermell CharloJunior middleweight (154 lbs)26 September 2020551
Josh TaylorJunior welterweight (140 lbs)18 May 20191048

Female International Boxing Federation World Champions

The International Boxing Federation has certified the following women as world champions International Boxing Federation

ChampionWeight ClassReign BeganDays
Micaela LujánJunior bantamweight (115 lbs)30 January 2021425
Chantelle CameronJunior welterweight (140 lbs)30 October 2021152
Jessica McCaskillWelterweight (147 lbs)15 August 2020593
Sarah MahfoudFeatherweight (126 lbs)20 July 2020619
Daniela Romina BermúdezJunior featherweight (122 lbs)4 December 2020482
Yokasta ValleMini flyweight (105 lbs)4 August 2019970
Elin CederroosSuper middleweight (168 lbs)22 March 20191105
Claressa ShieldsMiddleweight (160 lbs)22 June 20181378
Katie TaylorLightweight (135 lbs)21 April 20181440
Saemi HanagataJunior mini flyweight (102 lbs)29 September 20181279

Muay Thai World champions

This is a rundown of IBF Muay Thai title holders, firstly showing each best on the planet. Furthermore, certificated by the International Boxing Federation Muaythai. Therefore IBF began affirming its own Muay Thai title holders in late 2017. In addition, the IBF is the second boxing association to begin affirming Muay Thai World bosses following World Boxing Council.

Furthermore, international Boxing Federation Muaythai, also known as Muaythai, is a non-profit organization commissioned by the International Boxing Federation. Presently to organize, control, and monitor professional Muay Thai events around the world.

ChampionWeight ClassReign Began
Pinklao BangkoknoivillageWelterweight (147 lbs)December 20, 2017
Seksan Aor. KwanmuangLightweight (135 lbs)December 21, 2017
Petchaouthong Aor. KwanmaungJunior lightweight (130 lbs)21 December 2017

Youssef Boughanem

is a firstly Moroccan-Belgian Muay Thai kickboxer. He is also a WBC Middleweight (160lbs/72.5kg) Champion

Pinklao Bangkoknoivillage

Pinklao secondly defeated Pinngern Sithchefbuntam (Thailand) by decision in the event of “IBF Championship”. In addition, Pinklao is a title champion in Welterweight (147lbs / 66.7kg). In the meantime, on December 20, 2017, at Suan Lum Night Bazaar in Bangkok, Thailand.

Darky Lukmakamwan

aka Daakee defeated Kayyasith Kiatcharoenchai thirdly championship winner Junior welterweight on February 13, 2018. As a result, after 5R at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand

Saeksan Or. Kwanmuang

In addition to Saeksan – aka Seksan Or.Kwanmuang is a championship winner in Lightweight (135lbs/ 61.2kg) IBF on December 21, 2017. It is in the meantime, the “72nd Anniversary of Rajadamnern Stadium Memorial Event”

Saeksan is known as a Muay Bouk contender (a Muay Thai warrior who generally propels and is mostly centered around forceful punching and elbow blends). In addition, starting on 1 August 2020, he is positioned as the #8 bantamweight kickboxer on the planet by Combat Press.

Phet Utong Or. Kwanmuang

Aka Pet-U-Tong Or. Kwanmuang championship firstly winner Junior lightweight (130lbs /58.9kg) IBF on December 21, 2017, Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nadaka Eiwasportsgym (Nadaka Yoshinari)

Lastly, Nadaka is a Mini flyweight (105lbs /47.6kg) championship winner and Nadaka was the current WBC Muaythai World Mini flyweight champion

Weight Class in International Boxing Federation

However, the International Boxing Federation weight class is a measurement weight range for boxers, according to the International Boxing Federation. In addition, a weight class’s lower limit is equivalent to the upper weight limit of the class below it. However, in professional boxing, the top division is known as a heavyweight and in amateur boxing. Therefore, it is known as super heavyweight.

In a boxing match, it is normally organized for a specific weight class and each boxer must not weigh more than the top limit. However, professional boxers are allowed to compete beyond their weight class. Further, amateur fighters must not weigh less than the lowest limit a catchweight is a nonstandard weight limit.

International Boxing Federation Board of Directors

President: Daryl J. Peoples

Firstly, Daryl Peoples is the President & secondly Chief Executive Officer at International Boxing Federation based in East Orange, New Jersey.

Rating Chairman: George Martinez

However, Martinez has a long background in the sport of boxing. Secondly, he became President of the North American Boxing Association (NABA) in 2000. Further, inheriting the role from the late IBF Ratings Chairman Anibal Miramontes. In addition, Martinez spent 20 years on the WBA’s Board of Directors and Ranking Committee.

Championships Chairman: Carlos Ortiz, Jr.

Coupled with Carlos Ortiz , he is a former professional boxer from Puerto Rico. He is presently ranked 21st among the top pound-for-pound boxers of all time by BoxRec. Carlos Ortiz, Jr. is now presently head of the International Boxing Hall Of Fame’s championship committee. And secondly, he enjoys taking pictures with his admirers and signing autographs for them.

Treasurer: Randy Neumann

Former professional boxer and referee Randy Neumann makes his secondly appearance on Sports Jam. Furthermore, Neumann is now the treasurer and supervisor for the International Boxing Federation.

Secretary: Levi Martínez

Lastly, Levi Martínez is now currently International Boxing Federation secretary

International Boxing Federation Update

However, the Boxing World Has Come Together for Immediate Peace. Therefore, IBF, WBA, WBC, and WBO have come together to convey their views. To conclude on the horrific war that is raging in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s invasion. In addition, Roberto Rea, a member of the IBF Board of Directors, has passed away.

Caleb Plant, firstly the IBF middleweight champion, met challenger Canelo Alvarez at a press conference. In general, at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, in advance of their IBF title fight on November 6, 2021.

In addition, Jermell Charlo retained his International Boxing Federation super-welterweight championship in his first defense. As a result against challenger Brian Castano on July 17, 2021, in a thrilling bout in San Antonio, Texas.