Money Line Odds Explained

What is Money line Odds?

The money line odds refer to the integers that display the winning payouts for betting on a game in online betting terminology. United States bookmakers prefer money line odds, which are commonly referred to as American Odds in online betting

In online betting, bookmakers split teams into favorites and underdogs. The team that is more likely to win (the favorite) is represented by a negative integer, whereas the side that is more likely to lose is represented by a positive integer (the underdog).

How does the Game Work?

Online betting money lines are determined by each team’s estimated likelihood of winning the game. And because no two teams are the same, money line odds will differ from one game to the next. Games in which the competition predicting to be close will have less fluctuation in the money line odds between the two teams. The money line for Super Bowl LIV is an example of a game expecting to be competitive.


  • New England Patriots
  • Miami Dolphins


  • +8
  • -8


  • +244
  • +349

When the New England Patriots or the Miami Dolphins play an amateur team, for example, strongly favored. If bookmakers accepted near-even money bets on the Patriots or Dolphins in those circumstances, it would be throwing away free money. Money line betting odds get tricky when it comes to determining how much of a favorite they are.

Given the polar opposite talent levels of the teams in the standings. In most games, the two teams will have closer odds. This is especially true in football since individual game results are less predictable.

Two-Way Money line Odds

In a two-way different money line, a bet is located on both choices, the favorite or the underdog. If the occasion results in a tie or a draw in which neither making a bet choice win the occasion. The guess is cancelling and the bet is back to the bettor as a push.

For example, the subsequent NFL making a bet money line gives methods to the region a bet on an occasion presenting NFL teams:

  • Arizona Cardinals – 160
  • New England Patriots – 120

To earn $100 on a bet on the Arizona Cardinals, the game’s favorite, sports bettors must place a $160 wager on the Cardinals. A $100 wager on the underdog New England Patriots, on the other hand, would return $120 if the Patriots pulled off the upset and won the game.

Money line Odds Figures

There are two possible outcomes: a positive or negative figure quote. The term “money line” refers to odds on a game’s straight-up outcome without taking into account the point spread.

Positive figures

Positive figures are odds indicating the amount of money that can won on a $100 stake if the odds are better than even odds. A fractional odds of 5/1 would be expressed as +500. However, a fractional odds of 1/5 cannot expressed as a positive number.

Negative figures

If the figure is negative, the money line odds are quoting the amount of money that must wagered to win $100. This is done when the odds are less than even. A fractional odds of 1/5 would be 500. However, fractional chances of 5/1 cannot be expressed as a negative number.

Even odds

Even odds are representing by the symbols +100 or 100. The positive symbol is displaying some, but not all, bookmakers.

How to Calculate Payout

The calculations are always done for you by sportsbooks. If you want to figure out money line payouts on your own, here’s how to do it:

  • Favorite: The amount you want to win times (Money line/100)

So, if you want to win $40 betting on the Patriots at -390, use the calculation below to arrive at a $156 wager:

  • Win Amount x (-1 x Money line)/100) = Wager
  • $40 x 3.9 = $156
  • Underdog: Times your wager by (Money line/100), or divide the amount you want to win by (100 / (100/Money line).

So, if you want to wager $100 on the Miami Dolphins and win $100, you’d perform the following to get a $41.67 bet:

  • Win Amount / (240 / 100) = Wager
  • $100 / 2.4 = $41.67

Importance of Odds

When a game in football, basketball, or any other sport is announced. Sportsbooks will provide money line betting odds for the matchup. Daily matchups should scrutinized to determine if there is a difference in odds from previous games since these numbers will change once the market has had a chance to respond.

Following the odds from the time they first opened to the time you place your wager until the commencement of a game can provide important information.

Beginning Odds

Before putting any money line bets, an skilled sports activities bettor will do huge studies into the game. Breaking down matchups, odds and unique group blessings are all a part of the system of handicapping sports activities, or even then, its now no longer specific technological know-how for long-time period success.

We will element under a number of the important thing factors of a matchup that every one bettor needs to study and give an explanation for why they’re critical to the final results of a money line odds wager.

Betting Performance

The triumphing idea in sports activities is that groups usually carry out. Higher at domestic than they do on the street. But there also are groups that excel whilst gambling far from domestic. So as a bettor, what do you do? Well, that is the time whilst you examine how every crew plays in those conditions. To decide if current outcomes at domestic or on the street can be applicable to an upcoming matchup.

You can also additionally locate that a crew just like the Toronto has misplaced 5 instantly video games at domestic. However is now a web website hosting the Bulls and has gained 5 instantly video games on this matchup. This record might not be the decisive element whilst putting your money line guess. It sincerely desires to taken into consideration.


It takes a lot of knowledge and study to research a specific matchup. And how it can affect the game, but for new bettors, it could be as simple as looking at offensive vs defense.

There are numerous player matchups in each sport that might influence a game. And, as a result, your money line wager. Some of the more prominent matchups edges to investigate. Include if certain NFL teams struggle to stop pass-catching running backs. Or whether an NBA team has trouble stopping rival guards.

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