National Volleyball Association History

What is NVA or National Volleyball Association?

The National Volleyball Association, situated in California, was established in 2017. The National Volleyball Association isn’t one of the world’s most notable volleyball associations. The association is one of the lower-level games associations in indoor soccer, lacrosse, and rugby with twelve groups. Also, each group plays nine games during the National Volleyball Association’s standard season, which runs from March to August. Hence, this had developed into one of the world’s most renowned men’s associations. Firstly, enlisting the best ability from the United States.

National Volleyball Association Started

Coupled with the National Volleyball Association works closely with the American Volleyball Administration, which collaborates with the NCAA and the Olympic team (NVA). The competition office, as well as different individual teams, are housed in NVA’s headquarters in Costa Mesa. In addition, in the 1920s, national volleyball associations were also established in Japan, Russia, and the United States. Furthermore, the sport spread like wildfire throughout the rest of Europe when American infantrymen introduced it to other locations during World War II. As a result, the sport was given formal recognition in France.

However, the National Volleyball Association’s 2020 season has been postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, in 2021, the league welcomed two new teams. Further, the Chicago Untouchables and the Dallas Tornadoes are two Chicago-based teams. In addition, the current league champions are paired with the Orange County Stunners. To conclude, they won the NVA Championship Cup Finals in 2021, defeating the Las Vegas Ramblers.

National Volleyball Association 2022 Regular Season

Presently, in 2022, the regular season will begin in March and end in July. As a result, Pearce Sport’s Center in San Bernadino, the home gym of the Inland Empire Matadors, is one of the demonstration venues where each team plays ten games. In addition, each of the club’s division opponents is played twice a year, for a total of four games.

Furthermore, each squad faces three opponents from the opposing conference. As a result, three clubs from the other division in the American or National Volleyball Association Conference, for a total of six games. The strength of the schedule will range between teams due to the asymmetrical structure. Firstly, each squad will have played seven games. Secondly, it is in opposition to its own convention. Third, during the season, the team will play three games against teams from the opposing conference.

NVA Regular Season Schedule For 2022
  • The Firstly Event 1: April 8th – 10th 
  • Event 2: May 6th – 8th 
  • The #3 Event: May 28th – 30th 
  • The #4 Event: June 17th – 19th 
  • NVA Event 5: July 8th – 10th 
  • NVA Championship: August 5th-7th 

Every game will be a fight to enhance the team’s overall record. In order to win their division, they must also acquire NVA Points. As a result, if you win your division, you will automatically go to the playoffs.

NVL 2022 Season and Conference

Besides, the NVA is eager to give extra astonishing news about the impending 2022 season, including another association framework with divisions and a top pick match! Additionally, the National Volleyball Association and American Conferences have been separated into four divisions. Firstly, each with three groups, for an aggregate of twelve groups in the National Volleyball Association and American Conferences. What’s more, standard season games will presently incorporate interdivisional, interconference. What’s more, get meeting in conclusion rivalries spread out more than five occasions. Each group will play the accompanying games during the customary season:

  • Two teams in their category, in particular, played each other twice.
  • Then they’ll play three games against the opposing conference division.
  • Three additional games against one of the opposition conference’s divisions, in particular.

Each team will play 10 games in total, with the goal of having the best overall record in their division. The next two teams in that conference with the best overall record, regardless of division, will also qualify for the playoffs. In effect, four teams from each conference will be represented in the playoffs, identical to what happened in 2021.

The National Volleyball Association, on the other hand, is preparing for its first-ever All-Star Game. Aside from the long regular season! Therefore, the NVA will bring together the greatest players from the regular season for Event 5. Finally, a one-match showcase featuring some of the world’s top athletes!

NVL Teams

The National Volleyball Association’s ten teams were firstly divided into the National and American Conferences.

TeamLocationJoined Year
Orange County StunnersCosta Mesa, California2018
Dallas TornadoesDallas, Texas2021
Ontario MatadorsRancho Cucamonga, California2018
Southern ExposureGainesville, Florida2018
Team FreedomFairfield, New Jersey2018
Seattle SasquatchSeattle, Washington2022
TeamLocationJoined Year
Chicago UntouchablesChicago, Illinois2021
Las Vegas RamblersLas Vegas, Nevada2018
Los Angeles BlazeLos Angeles, CA2018
Texas TyrantsLewisville, Texas2018
Utah StingersSalt Lake City, Utah2018
Colorado KrakenAurora, Colorado2022

National Volleyball Association Championship

Furthermore, the NVA Cup end of the season games starts in August with the best four groups in every gathering, paying little mind to the divisional arrangement, following the customary season. Initially, seeds are allowed arranged by standard season execution (with the FIVB guide framework toward choosing sudden death rounds depending on the situation). Therefore, the semi-final washouts are not permitted to contend in the title match. However, they are qualified to contend in the bronze decoration match. In addition, the end-of-the-season games are run in a solitary end competition design.

The National Volleyball Association Cup Trophy is also awarded to the champion of the NVA Finals. As a result, the league bestows the Most Valuable Player Award on the best player in the final game. However, there are seven awards for the best player in each position throughout the regular season.


> In the year 2018, Team Pineapple won the first (1st) title.
> In the year 2019, Team LVC won one title.
> In the year 2020, the Utah Stingers will have one title.
> In the year 2021, the Orange County Stunners will win one championship.

Team ChampionRunner-UpThird PlaceYear Champion
Team PineappleArizona SizzleIcemen2018
Team LVCTeam PineappleOrange County Stunners2019
Utah StingersOrange County StunnersLas Vegas Ramblers2020
Orange County StunnersLas Vegas RamblersUtah Stingers2021

National Volleyball Association Partnership With The AVCA

The NVA will also be on hand at the AVCA’s 40th Annual Convention. For the AVCA Convention in Columbus in 2021, the National Volleyball Association and the American Volleyball Coaches Association will work once more. As a result, Terry Liskevych and Andy Banachowski founded the AVCA, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, as a coach advocacy organization in 1981. The AVCA has grown significantly since its inception. In addition, while remaining committed to supporting volleyball coaches and the volleyball community, we have added a slew of additional services. During the break-out sessions of the event. Lastly, coaches can connect and network with other coaches from all across the country.

However, the NVA, then again, is sending 16 players. Further the mentors from all through the association to ten instructive meetings as a feature of the on-court practice exhibits. Furthermore, at the All-American/Players of the Year Banquet, Russell Holmes, proprietor of the Utah Stingers and NVA VP, will grant prizes to the best NCAA competitors. Subsequently will be the association’s second year on this incredible occasion. To finish up what has been exceptionally expected since the last AVCA meeting in 2018.