The Bacolod Tchoukball Association of the Philippines (TAP) sent a national team to its first World Tchoukball Championships (WTC) 2023 international competition; after three years of placing third at the Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Championships in Johor, Malaysia. 

The first men’s team of the Philippines won their game against the host country yesterday. It is excellent news for the young sport, showing how a national sports association should be run.

“The Philippine Team makes me so happy. Even though most of them were already on the national team, this is not a group of misfits.” Raymund Jamelo, president of the Tchoukball Association of the Philippines (TAP), said in an interview that the group had just added new members.

The Philippines, ranked No. 9 worldwide, will be playing in the WTC for the third time. They have played in Taiwan and Malaysia in the past.

On August 7, the Philippines beat Thailand with the help of their coach, John Elray Jamelo, to finish in second place in Johor. In the semifinals, the Filipinos lost to World No. 3 Singapore, then to World No. 1 Chinese Taipei, winning the tournament.

During the preliminary rounds, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong lost to the Philippines.

“We tell them to get their clubs going. Here, Negros and Bacolod, where we have close to 20 clubs, serve as a model. “The Bacolod Open tournament has already begun,” Jamelo said.

World Tchoukball Championship

After nearly three years of the pandemic, the nation hosted its first-ever international tchoukball tournament in the Asia-Pacific championship.

Hermann Brandt, a Swiss biologist, invented tchoukball in the 1970s to practice handball. A slanted square trampoline, or frame, was positioned at each end of the playing field to serve as a target that continuously bounced the ball back to the players, eliminating the bother of having to fetch the ball constantly.

In addition, Brandt intended to make sports more accessible and discourage physical violence to reduce injuries in sports as a whole. Tchoukball championships game, a fast-paced, high-flying team sport that has expanded to more than 70 nations worldwide, was soon organized with some additional rules.

Additional regulations ensure an unusually high standard of sportsmanship, the core value of the sport in every country. Both male and female teams from the nation, primarily made up of students—were ranked in the top 10 after defeating far stronger opponents in the tchoukball tournament 2022. The atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie was pleasant.

The tchoukball spirit is one of cooperation that triumphs over any competitive tendencies. Coaches from other teams frequently referee games between rivals. It is also typical for team officials to interact and develop close relationships. Players are discouraged from insulting one another or even noisily celebrating victories. Everyone aids one another.

Tchoukball Championship Goal

Tchoukball world championship qualifiers are hoped to pick up steam again and spread to new regions of the Philippines. It is affordable, quick-paced, and simple to learn, and those with disabilities can play it. It promotes cooperation and welcoming teamwork. Even better, you can play it easily on existing basketball courts. The kids will speed up the spread of a new craze in the nation once they become addicted to this sport.

The TAP president expressed his hope that the Philippines’ success in the Asia-Pacific competition will motivate players and coaches to pick up their tchoukball organizations.