Prop Bets Explained

What is Prop Bets?

Prop Bet is an event-based or non-event-based bet during a sporting event and is not directly related to the final score or result. Unlike point spreads, totals, or straight-up bets, these incidents may not affect the outcome of the game or even the outcome. Props are considered new bets as they may be related to an individual player or team milestones. These milestones include wide receiver catches (NFL), total points scored (hockey), pitcher strikes (major league baseball), and center rebounds (basketball). Prop betting is legalized in the Philippines, and it has recently gained popularity.

How does Prop Betting Work?

Proposition bets are bets placed on individual players or events in a game, not the result of the game. Except for point spreads, totals, and money lines, almost any bet on the game can be considered a prop bet.

One of the reasons props are so appealing is that bookmakers frequently set intriguing lines to entice action and appeal to the masses. In many circumstances, propositions have substantially bigger potential payouts than conventional betting lines.

While the house typically takes a greater share of the action (also known as vig, vigorish, juice, under-juice, rake, or take) on props. They also tend to offer higher value on some outcomes than they should. The reason for this blunder on their part is due to the increased volume of side bets available vs the amount of time it takes the sportsbook to analyze the likely outcome.

It’s also because overall props make just a modest portion of the overall action at the sportsbook. As a result, they don’t devote as much work to ensuring that the lines are perfectly exact. As a result, some proposition bet lines are “looser” than ordinary betting lines, which are reviewed more extensively. Gamblers who can spot these bets have a good chance of winning large.

How to Place Bet?

Legal betting apps and online sportsbooks offer the most variety of sports betting props to bettors. It’s simple to locate and place props, however, the procedure differs significantly from one sportsbook to the next.

  • Go to the sportsbook’s website and log in.
  • Choose a sport with a lot of prop bets, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, college football, or college basketball — OKBET and other sportsbooks frequently list popular in-play props right on the homepage.
  • Visit the “props” tab, which is normally near the top of the game page, by tapping or clicking a game.
  • Choose a prop category (passing props, rushing props, player props, etc.)
  • To add a prop bet to the bet slip, tap or click it, then choose an amount to wager.

Four Types of Prop Bets

Proposition bets come in a variety of forms, but these are the most frequent options available at most sportsbooks.

Game Bet

The events and circumstances that occur during the game determine the props for the game. These prop odds can be based on spread/handicap, money line, over/under the total, or yes/no bet. Play support can be scored for the entire game or derivatives such as innings, halves, and quarters.

Here are a few examples of game props:

  1. The first team to 15 points wins.
  2. Will a goal be scored within the first five minutes?
  3. Number of rushing yards total
  4. The team with the most strikeouts is the winner.
Team Bet

Team props betting totally on the overall performance of every group or side. These prop bets are most common in Over/Under, Totals, money lines, or Yes/No formats. They maybe have damage into derivatives as well.

Here are a few examples of team props:

  1. Total three-pointers made (over/under)
  2. Is it possible for a team to win all four quarters?
  3. Is it possible for a team to score a defensive touchdown?
  4. Total points scored by the team in the first half
Player Bet

Player props determining by the player’s performance during the game or event. Using via money line, spread, over/under, total, or yes/no suggestions. These can focus on individual players or face two or more players directly.

Here are a few examples of player props:

  1. To score a touchdown, you must be the first player on the field.
  2. Total rebounds (over/under)
  3. Which golfer will have the best first-round score?
  4. The total number of placed won
Exotic Bet

Exotic props are not only betting the market beyond the box score of competition but also odds offers for events such as Oscars, non-sports events, and pop culture. Depending on where you bet, regulatory restrictions may or may not be available for exotic props.

Here are a few examples of exotic props:

  1. The Super Bowl national anthem’s length
  2. Best Picture nominated film
  3. Which actor will take on the role of James Bond?
  4. What will the weight of the next Royal Baby be?

Which Sports are Best for Prop Betting?

Prop bets are frequently dependent on a person’s ability to count things. As a result, sports like basketball and football, which feature a large number of counting stats, are ideal for prop betting.

Here are some instances of prop bets that are popular across a wide range of sports.

Football prop bets

Several players have the opportunity to collect stats on every play in football. A straightforward one-yard halfback dive provides the running back a carry and a yard gained, while a defender is crediting with a tackle.

Basketball prop bets

Basketball players have access to a greater number of statistics than football players.

Baseball prop bets

Proposition betting is a bit more limited, but it’s still popular with some baseball bettors. Perhaps the most popular props are the pitcher’s strikeout total and the yes/no market for single hitters to hit home runs.

Hockey prop bets

In hockey, prop betting typically revolves around yes/no markets for players to score goals. In addition, penalty minutes, shots, and goaltender saves are among the other options.

Soccer prop bets

Soccer props, like hockey props, are frequently centered on goals, assists, shots, and red/yellow cards. Again, compared to a sport like a football or basketball, props are a little more limited due to the lack of counting stats.

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