Premier Volleyball League History

What is Premier Volleyball League?

The Premier Volleyball League is a professional women’s volleyball league based in the Philippines that was formed in 2004. R. Bernardino, Jun Bernardino, and Martelino Sports Vision Management Group, Inc. were founded by Palou. The Shakey’s V-League is a college-level women’s basketball league. Since 2011, corporate clubs and other non-collegiate teams have been permitted to compete in league competitions.

The Shakey’s V-League History

The Premier Volleyball League was founded in 2004 as the Shakey’s V-League by Sports Vision Management Group, Inc., led by Jun Bernardino, Ricky, and Rhea Navarro, who were once known for their support of men’s basketball. The Shakey’s V-League began as an intercollegiate women’s league, including teams from the UAAP, NCAA, and CESAFI, and evolved into a partnership with the Philippines, which served as the leagues’ primary source of sponsorship until 2016. Since the 1990s, the Shakey’s Volleyball League has been in a state of stagnation, with the best degree of suits being the UAAP’s women’s event in Metro Manila, Philippines.

De La Salle School, on the other side, has won the league’s following three conferences, defeating apex, the Tigresses, and the SSC – R Lady Stags in each of Season 2’s conferences, and sweeping them all in conference finals. Furthermore, the Tigresses won all four of their matches after returning to the League in 2007, defeating the Lady Stags in all three grand final series.

The Tigresses, on the other hand, made history by sweeping both conferences in Season 6, defeating SSC-R and Adamson in both championship series, and defeating SSC-R in the finals for the fourth time. In addition, since 2011, Shakey’s V-League has allowed corporate and non-collegiate teams to compete. In addition, four non-school teams competed in the tournament: the Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force, and Maynilad. GMA Life TV, GMA News TV, and GMA Pinoy TV will broadcast the Season 8-Open Conference.

Shakey’s V-League Changed to Premier Volleyball League

On May 26, 2013, the 10th season of Coupled with Shakey’s V-League began with its first live TV coverage on GMA News TV, with matches shown on weekdays and Saturdays. In addition, the Lady Rising Suns were swept 16–0 by Cagayan Valley in the Season 10 Open Conference. Shakey’s V-League will now be broadcast on Channel 23 according to an agreement reached between Sports Vision, Shakey’s, and ABS-CBN Sports on May 24, 2016.

Furthermore, the Shakey’s V-League has been renamed the Premier Volleyball League effective of the 2017 season (PVL). In addition, the Spikers’ Turf was reintroduced as the PVL’s men’s division and absorbed back into the league after being spun off from the league in 2015. As a result, the name was chosen to help the league gain more sponsorship. The league’s conference order was also changed, with the Reinforced Conference taking precedence over the Open Conference, which was held near the end of the year, close to the start of the UAAP and NCAA finals. The Open Conference was previously held earlier in the year.

The 2018 PVL Collegiate Conference, on the other hand, was the Premier Volleyball League’s men’s division’s final competition. Spikers’ Turf was relegated to the men’s division as a result. The Open Conference, held in October 2018, was the first tournament following the reversion. Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the 2020 season has been postponed indefinitely. In September 2020, there were also intentions to start the season with the Open Conference rather than the Reinforced Conference. Due to the logistical challenges of flying goods in for the latter.

PVL – Present

Players that were paid but did not participate in the non-national team, as well as other sporting events held for profit, will be considered professionals by the Philippines’ Games and Amusements Board in October 2020. It also prompted questions about the viability of leagues such as the PVL and its counterpart, the Super Liga. The volleyball league was particularly concerned about the financial implications of running a professional league. The PVL, on the other hand, announced in November 2020 that the 2021 season would be its first as a professional league. Meanwhile, the collegiate league agreed to prohibit its rookies from competing in commercial leagues beginning with UAAP Season 81. The league, on the other hand, had been thinking about making a change for a while.

Furthermore, the PVL was considered semi-professional prior to professionalization, and so its affairs were not overseen or controlled by the GAB. First, six PVL teams agreed to the PVL becoming professional, including BaliPure, Banko Perlas, Choco Mucho, Creamline, Motolite, and Petro Gazz. The V-League will be formed as a result to accommodate university students. In addition, amateur clubs that had previously been unable to compete in the PVL due to its professionalization would be able to do so.

The Premier Volleyball League had a university get-together before turning into an expert association. Moreover, five PSL organizations Chery Tiggo, Cignal HD, F2 Logistics, PLDT, and Sta. Therefore, Lucia-have has been named to the rundown. Lucia will firstly and essentially contend in the 2021 season. Moreover, the PVL turned into a “joined together” master association when Lucia joined, leaving the PSL with the easiest three latent part gatherings. Accordingly, the PVL will lay out a new kid on the block draft framework in 2022, which will keep groups from overpaying players.

Premier Volleyball League Teams

TeamsSponsorCoachCaptain2021 Conference
Chery Tiggo 7 Pro CrossoversUnited Asia Automotive Group, Inc.Aaron VelezAlyja Daphne Santiago1st
Creamline Cool SmashersRepublic Biscuit CorporationAnusorn “Tai” BunditAlyssa Valdez2nd
Petro Gazz AngelsPetroGazz Ventures Phils. Corp.Arnold LaniogRelea Ferina Saet3rd
Choco Mucho Flying TitansRepublic Biscuit CorporationOliver AlmadroMadeleine Madayag4th
Sta. Lucia Lady RealtorsSta. Lucia Realty and Development CorporationEddieson OrculloRubie De Leon5th
Black Mamba ArmyPhilippine Army and Corbridge GroupEmilio Reyes Jr.Jovelyn Gonzaga6th
PLDT High Speed HittersPhilippine Long Distance Telephone CompanyGeorge PascuaRhea Dimaculangan7th
BaliPure Purest Water DefendersBalibago Waterworks System, Inc.Rommel AbellaAlina Joyce Bicar8th
Perlas SpikersBeach Volleyball Republic and Cosmetique Asia CorporationReynaldo Diaz Jr.Nicole Tiamzon9th
Cignal HD SpikersCignal TV, Inc.Cesael Delos SantosRachel Anne Daquis10th
F2 Logistics Cargo MoversF2 Logistics PhilippinesRamil de JesúsAbigail Marañodid not join the competition

Open Conference Of The 2022 Volleyball League

In the meantime, the 2022 Premier Volleyball League Open Conference (the previous Shakey’s V-38th) is the association’s 11th (and second as an expert association) meeting. Because of the League’s choice, the culmination will happen from March 16 to April 9, 2022. To arrive at a resolution, consider any cutoff points given by the continuous COVID-19 episode. A pool play construction will be utilized interestingly, with groups isolated into two pools.

Subsequently, all of the matches will happen at Manila’s Paco Arena. There will likewise be nine groups contending in this meeting. Then again, F2 Logistics Cargo Movers could make their Premier Volleyball League debut. Moreover, two groups from the past meeting, Sta. On the opposite side, Lucia Lady and Perlas Spikers mentioned a break from the association and delivered their players in general.

PVL Awards

The following is a list of awards from the Philippine Premier Volleyball League, which was formed in 2004.

  • Most Valuable Player
  • Best Outside Spiker
  • Best Middle Blocker
  • Best Opposite Spiker
  • Best Setter
  • Best Libero
  • Best Foreign Guest Player
  • Highest scorer in a match

Premier Volleyball League Championship Conferences

The Premier Volleyball League currently has a list of women’s and men’s championship conferences, as well as runner-up teams.

TeamsChampionshipRunners-UpChampion Conferences
Creamline (women’s)3 Championship22018 Reinforced, 2018 Open, 2019 Open
Petro Gazz (women’s)1 Championship12019 Reinforced
BaliPure (women’s)1 Championship12017 Open
Pocari Sweat (women’s)1 Championship12017 Reinforced
Adamson (women’s)1 Championship2019 Collegiate
Chery Tiggo (women’s)1 Championship2021 Open
NU (women’s)1 Championship2017 Collegiate
UP (women’s)1 Championship2018 Collegiate
Cignal (men’s)2 Championship12017 Reinforced, 2017 Open
Air Force (men’s)1 Championship2018 Collegiate
NU (men’s)1 Championship2018 Collegiate
Ateneo (men’s)1 Championship2017 Collegiate

Premier Volleyball League Venues

In addition, the Premier Volleyball League does not use a “home-and-away” model, even though the majority of golf equipment is backed by corporations. Currently, games are hosted at the Filoil Flying V Centre (previously Filoil Flying V Arena). However, during the finals and championship rounds of Season 10, To deal with large crowds, video games are held at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay and the legendary PhilSports Arena in Pasig. Second, the Lyceum of the Philippines University’s health club was formerly covered by a variety of places. Finally, the Rizal Memorial Coliseum and the Blue Eagle Gym are possible options.