Rugby Betting Strategy

rugby betting

Rugby betting many people consider football, horse racing, and cricket to be the most popular sports to wager on. Many individuals seek out the best football betting tactics; however, there are some excellent rugby betting techniques as well. Rugby is a sport that many people associate with physicality, enthusiasm, and strength. When you put in the element of betting, it elevates it to a whole other level. Rugby betting adds to the excitement of a game that is already thrilling.

There are many various tactics and markets to choose from, much like in most other betting sports, such as picking a winner, half-time/full-time, try scorers, and so on. Our experts at BettingOnline walk you through the finest rugby betting techniques so you can get the most out of your money and increase your chances of winning a sports bet.

What Leagues are the Best for Starting to Bet in Rugby?

People frequently believe that because Rugby League is less well-known in many parts of the world, there will be a lack of quality tournaments. However, this is not the case. You have a wide range of regional, continental, and global options available to you.

Is it legal to bet on Rugby in the Philippines?

Yes, because Filipinos enjoy betting on local events, many gamblers use internet sportsbooks. Filipinos can now place bets on legal online sports betting firms in the Philippines that welcome consumers from the region. Online players can now use their mobile phones or tablets to log into their accounts and play from anywhere in the islands. The convenience of playing online is the finest aspect, as gamers can wager on rugby and other popular local sports without having to travel to a physical facility. When looking for information on legal mobile betting sites, our guide to Philippine mobile sportsbooks is an excellent place to start.

Types of Rugby Betting

Handicap Betting

In handicap betting, points are added or deducted from a team’s final score, and punters pick the winning side based on the modified numbers. If the betting market assigns a (-10) handicap to Catalan Dragons, a bet on the same club to win will be successful if the Dragons would have won even if their final score was reduced by 10 points.

First Tryscorer

Punters place wagers on who they believe will be the first to score a try. A betting market also exists for the first team to score a try. Because the first team to score a try market is considerably more specific than the first player market, the odds for the first team to score a try are usually shorter.

Home Field Advantage

In Rugby Union, the home crowd can have a significant impact on the outcome. Playing against the All Blacks in New Zealand is the best illustration, given they are rarely defeated at home. The same can be true for the Super Rugby teams in New Zealand. In 2017, they went 27-0 versus Australian teams.

Head to head record

The most popular betting method in Rugby Union is based on a team’s head-to-head record. It’s crucial for determining any form patterns or history between the two sides.


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Understand The Different Styles of Plays and How They Interact

Have you ever watched a rugby team dominate the rest of the field only to struggle when they face a side that most people had already written off? This most likely has a lot to do with personal preferences. When a team uses its dynamic nature to outperform one team, they may find themselves completely stranded when facing a team that employs a different set of strategies.

The intricacies are far too complicated to go through here, but you must look into which teams are most likely to beat each other depending on a variety of indicators. The current World Cup, in which England stunned New Zealand before falling to South Africa, is a great example of how different teams’ styles can affect the game significantly.

Ignore Rumors But Listen To Trusted Rugby Tipsters

If you use Twitter, you’re surely aware that it’s all too easy to believe unverified rumors based on hearsay these days. With a little time and research, you can find honest and responsible journalists who care about what they report to the public. You should utilize this information to place your bets when they decide to break the story.

Check Out the Weather

The weather is something that all Brits enjoy checking, but it’s especially crucial when it comes to rugby betting. A damp and windy day, for example, will disfavor all players. Strong winds can have a significant impact on the game, particularly on spot-kicks and passing in general. Furthermore, playing on a damp surface makes it more difficult for players to attack. If the weather prediction calls for hot and dry weather, this is ideal for the players, though heavier players may suffer in extreme temperatures. So, have a look at the forecast!

Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on Rugby

Don't Bet On Arbitrary Odds

When people who have little experience with betting look at the ratios, they always choose arbitrary odds. They have no idea what the strange is about. Is it up to par? No! It will undoubtedly deplete all of your funds. Go for the odds where you know what you’re doing and can grasp what’s going on in the game. Betting requires a high level of assurance. As a result, if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t bet on a random odd.

Avoid Choosing High Odds

One of the seven deadly sins is being greed, and we are often trapped by it. You must, however, remain away from it. What should you do if you’re a greedy person? You can do it in two ways. The first is to constantly aim for the lowest possible odds. Check out a few different websites to see where the lowest odds have been offered. Choose something that will be minor if you lose. If you win, you can create a sea by adding drops. There is one exception to this rule. If you are certain about your choice, go for the greater odds. Second, if you’ve lost three times in a row, you should exit the betting site. Don’t keep trying to make up that number. Betting sites and bookmakers are notorious for setting these traps.

If You Don't Know The Match, Don't Bet

We may put our money on a team we don’t know is playing, even if we don’t know who is playing. Assume you lent your money to New Zealand by mistake, and England is its adversary. The rivalry between these two powerful squads is fierce. You’re not allowed to say anything right away. Even if you’ll get a lower Value for your last bet, it’s preferable to have a little than to lose all. If you’re not familiar with the game’s rules, go over them thoroughly first. Your minor mistake could end up costing you a lot more.