Table Tennis Betting Strategy

table tennis betting

Table tennis is not a popular sport to bet on, despite the fact that the major online betting companies offer it. What makes table tennis betting different from football betting? The key cause is, first and foremost, bookmakers’ lack of understanding and, as a result, the chance of finding exceptional value.

It’s sometimes surprising how even the best online bookies set the odds, leaving you wondering where they got them. In the majority of cases, they are probably prompted only by the ranking and leaving aside much more important factors. It’s probable they’re utilizing a basic formula with a high error margin, which could overstate the odds by up to 40%, giving punters a significant advantage!

If you’re a seasoned sports gambler, you already know that the less action a game receives, the higher your chances of “beating the books.” While NFL gamblers lose millions each year, another sport, table tennis, is growing bankrolls while flying under the radar.

What Leagues are the Best for Starting to Bet in Table Tennis?

Table Tennis, are usually known as Ping Pong, is not the most popular or financially lucrative sport. This is one of the reasons why bookies are unable to provide comprehensive coverage and high maximum stakes.

Russia Liga

Is it legal to bet on Table Tennis in the Philippines?

Yes, because Filipinos enjoy betting on local events, many gamblers use internet sportsbooks. Filipinos can now place bets on legal online sports betting firms in the Philippines that welcome consumers from the region. Online players can now use their mobile phones or tablets to log into their accounts and play from anywhere in the islands. The convenience of playing online is the finest aspect, as gamers can wager on table tennis and other popular local sports without having to travel to a physical facility. When looking for information on legal mobile betting sites, our guide to Philippine mobile sportsbooks is an excellent place to start.


Types of Table Tennis Betting

You may probably already see a variety of table tennis bets that you can place during a table tennis match. However, sportsbookph gathered a list of the most common table tennis bets that you can encounter at online sportsbook:

Match Winner

This is self-explanatory and allows you to wager on the outcome of a single match between two players or a team of table tennis players.

Tournament Winner

If a tournament is taking place, you can also wager on who will win the tournament as a whole.

The Next Point

This is a wager on who will win the next point, and you must be quick to put bets in the fast-paced world of table tennis.

Next Game

You can bet on who will score 11 points first or who will gain two points and win the game in this bet.

Next Set

Who will win the next three out of five games to take the set?

Total Points

You will bet on the total number of points won over the course of a game, set, or match.

If all of this appears to be straightforward, you may be ready to wager on your initial table tennis match!


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What Is Table Tennis Odds

If you want to gamble on a match before it starts, go to one of Nordic Bet, ComeOn, or Paddy Power. There are no other markets offered on these services; they only give betting odds on which player will win a match.

The maximum stake on ComeOn and Nordic Bet is $200, which is also a cumulative limit. It’s important to understand that you can’t put down hundreds of dollars on a table tennis match at an online betting site. The most you’ll probably be able to put down is $500. At ComeOn, this is $200, while at the other bookmakers with table tennis odds, this is $100-$200 per bet.

It is recommended that you verify all of the sites listed above before placing table tennis bets, regardless of your bankroll size. Last but not least, there aren’t many overnight lineups. Nordic Bet and Paddy Power have the earliest opening lines for match betting, while ComeOn and the other sites open odds roughly 4 hours before the first match of the day.


Recognize the Events

When betting on table tennis, it appears reasonable to consider the event when predicting how the players would perform. Despite the fact that most people assume that top players will perform at their best regardless of the tournament, this is not the case.

The Russia Liga Pro, the Asian Championships, and the European Championships should be at the top of your priority list if you want to pay special attention to a few tournaments. Not only should you pencil these dates into your calendar as potential winning opportunities, but they’re also a good place to start when accumulating information on the sport’s best players.

Table Tennis Over/Under Bets

During live competitions, over under and head start bets make sense to wager on if the game’s outcome differs significantly from the pre-game projections. If one of them has a big odds advantage ahead of a matchup between equals, the difference is more likely to be narrowed rather than widened.

Table tennis matches, like other sports, can be unpredictable, and no one-size-fits-all approach for winning all bets exists, just as no one-size-fits-all strategy exists for winning all bets. It’s critical to figure out the maximum number of iterations and the size of the starting rate in proportion to your bankroll when employing progressive strategies like putting live bets in table tennis.

Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on Table Tennis

It’s advisable to exit this conflict if we perceive that the less cool player has summoned courage and is playing his best game. If the favorite is still having problems and finding it tough to play, the chances of him lingering and riding sets climb dramatically. A cooler player tries to play on talent and expertise in such games. However, the opponent who has figured out his game puts up a strong fight and scores a lot of points.

You should proceed with caution when placing bets on Olympic and World Cup matches. Meetings are frequently held in a tenacious struggle in huge tournaments. Players in the top 10 usually have little trouble dealing with their opponents. However, owing of the low coefficients on overall Under, meetings with their participation are not ideal.

The amount of motivation of players has a variety of effects on the outcome of games. If a strong player competed in a less important competition, his tennis could not be up to par. Even with weak opponents, the possibilities of a total Over in sets are high in this circumstance. If this occurs in the first batch, the match is not appropriate for betting.