What is VHL or Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga?

The VHL or Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga, frequently known as the Major Hockey League or the Higher Hockey League, is an expert ice hockey association in Eurasia and the Russian hockey’s second-most noteworthy power. In the meantime, the year 2019-20 season, 34 groups from Kazakhstan, Russia, China, and Uzbekistan contended in the Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga, which is devoted to the advancement of ice hockey at all levels.

Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga 2009-2010 Preseason

However, in comparison to the 2009-10 season, which featured 27 teams divided into three divisions, the 2010-11 season will include 20 teams divided into two groups: Western and Eastern. Firstly, 18 of the 27 groups from the 2009-10 season are featured in the 2010-11 season. Rubin Tyumen has been renamed Gazovik Tyumen, while Rubin’s lower-level squad, which competes in the MHL, has been given the moniker Gazovik. In the meantime, after the 2009-10 season, Lada Togliatti was thrown out of the KHL. Therefore, the association has two new groups: Dynamo Tver and UHC Dynamo’s ranch group.

The fortunes of the nine groups that played in the association in 2009-10 yet never again do in 2010-11 are as per the following: As HC Yugra joined the KHL for 2010-11, Khimik was encouraged by the VHL’s administration to require a one-year break and join the MHL under the name MHC Khimik. The group from Orenburg, previously known as Gazprom-OGU, likewise joined the MHL under the name Belye Tigry, Rys disintegrated, and HC Lipetsk was confessed to the association for the 2010-11 season. Nonetheless, inferable from monetary difficulties, the group needed to stop before the season started. However, on August 12, 2010, Krylya Sovetov of Moscow took Lipetsk’s spot.

VHL Regular Season

In 2010-11, the association included clubs from the Pervaya Liga’s 2009-10 season, as well as clubs from the Vysshaya Liga’s 2009-10 season that were not tolerating into the Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga for 2010-11. However, on September 11, 2010, Perm facilitated the primary match of the standard season. In addition, the Russian Hockey League, which will replace the Pervaya Liga, was reported by the FHR on August 23, 2011. Be that as it may, the Russian Hockey League was additionally the name of the association accountable for getting sorted out of Russia’s top-level hockey association between 1996 to 2008 when it was renamed and transformed as the Kontinental Hockey League. The Russian Classic is an outside ice hockey game held during the customary period of the Supreme Hockey League. Therefore, each time the game has been played, the opposing group has won.

Additionally, ahead of the 2015-16 season, the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia transferred the Ranchland Hockey League’s organization to the Supreme Hockey League. In addition, in the hopes of creating a better third-tier competition. In the meantime, with an eventual promotion/relegation system with the second-tier league. Moreover, culminating in the Supreme Hockey League Championship. Additionally, Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga was established in 2010–11, and it was the league’s inaugural season. Lastly, it began on September 11, 2010, and ended on February 28, 2011. However, each of the 20 teams competed in a total of 56 games.

VHL Team Champions

SeasonTeam ChampionFinalistBronze MedalistRegular Season Winner
2011-2012Slavutych SmolenskBuran VoronezhTHK TverBuran Voronezh
2012-2013Mordovia SaranskYamal SterkhiSlavutych SmolenskSlavutych Smolensk
2013-2014Slavutych SmolenskMordovia SaranskAltai Barnaul & Yamal SterkhiSlavutych Smolensk
2014-2015HC RostovCSK VVS SamaraMordovia Saransk & Slavutych SmolenskSlavutych Smolensk
2015-2016HC TambovHC RostovMordovia SaranskHC Rostov
2016-2017HC RostovSlavutych SmolenskMordovia SaranskHC Rostov
2017-2018HC TambovHC CheboksaryMordovia SaranskHC Rostov
2018-2019HC RostovMordovia SaranskHC CheboksaryHC Rostov

Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga Teams in 2019-2022

TeamCityArenaCapacityJoined League
BarsKazanSports Palace Kazan3,8452014
BuranVoronezhLDS Jubileiny3,2002012
ChelmetChelyabinskYunost Sport Palace3,5002010
CSK VVS SamaraSamaraCSK VVS Sport Palace3,5002017
Dinamo Saint PetersburgSaint PetersburgYubileyny Sports Palace7,0002016
DizelPenzaDizel Arena5,5002010
Dynamo TverTverSports Complex Yubileiny2,0002019
ErmakAngarskArena Ermak6,9002010
GornyakUchalyLDS Jubileiny1,5002017
HC IzhstalIzhevskSports Palace Izhstal3,2682010

Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga Most Goals – Awards

  • VHL Oleg Lomako (F) – Firstly 2 Wins Award Winner Born in 1992 at Kazan, RUS
  • Nikita Tertyshny (F) – Secondly 1 Win Award Winner Born in 1998 at Chelyabinsk, RUS
  • VHL Maxim Kitsyn (F) – Thirdly 1 Win Award Winner Born in 1991 at Novokuznetsk, RUS
  • In addition, Alexander Timiryov (F) – 1 Wins Award Winner Born in 1994 at Tyumen, RUS
  • Vyacheslav Andryushchenko (F) – 1 Win Award Winner Born in 1989 at Barnaul, RUS
  • VHL Alexander Shevchenko (F) – 1 Win Award Winner Born in 1992 at Belgorod, RUS
  • Roman Blagoy (F) – 1 Win Award Winner Born in 1987 at Kiev, UKR
  • Dmitri Tsyganov (D) – 1 Win Award Winner Born in 1989 at Yekaterinburg, RUS
  • Marat Fakhrutdinov (F) – 1 Win Award Winner Born in 1988 at Moskva, RUS
  • VHL Pavel Kopytin (F) – Lastly 1 Win Award Winner Born in 1987 at Lipetsk, RUS

Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga Best Coach – Awards

1. Leonids Tambijevs

Leonids Tambijevs, otherwise called “Leonids Tambijevs,” is a previous expert ice hockey left winger who is currently the lead trainer of Admiral Vladivostok in the Kontinental Hockey League, where he was named best mentor and VHL Champion in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. In the meantime, season U20 WJC (D1A) Silver Medal in 2013-2014. And Kazakhstan Champion 2020-2021 are additionally given to Leonids.

2. Vadim Yepanchintsev

However, Vadim Yepanchintsev, the lead trainer of the Khanty-Mansiysk “Ugra,” was named perhaps the best mentor. Firstly, in the Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga for the 2020-2021 season.

3. Anatoli Antipov

Anatoli Antipov, in addition, brought into the world in Pavlovskiy Posad, RUS, was named best mentor. And VHL secondly champion for the 2016-2017 season. Moreover, he is an individual from the adolescent group of Yunost Pavlovsky Posad. Lastly, Anatoli Antipov passed on November 29th, 2020, at 60 years old.

4. Rishat Gimayev

Additionally is Rishat Gimayev, an individual from the Neftyanik Almetievsk VHL group, which was established in 1964. In addition, Gimayev Rishat was named perhaps the best mentor in the VHL for the 2015-2016 season.

5. Andrei Razin

Andrei Razin 48 years old, in addition, was named the top coach in the Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga for the 2014-2015 season.

6. Alexander Gulyavtsev

Alexander Gulyavtsev, brought into the world in the year 1973, was firstly named best mentor for the 2013-2014 season.

7. Ilnur Gizatullin

However, Ilnur Gizatullin, born in 1969, was a member of the Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga. And in addition, was named the best coach in the 2012-2013 season.

8. Ruslan Suleimanov

Ruslan Suleimanov, otherwise called “Ruslan Suleymanov,” was brought into the world in 1966 and was named the best mentor in 2011-2012, as well as bringing home the World Championship (D4) Gold Medal in 2021-2022.

9. Miskhat Fakhrutdinov

Coupled with Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk, head coach Miskhat Fakhrutdinov, born in 1958. Additionally named the best coach in the VHL in 2010-2011 and won the U18 WJC Gold Medal in 2006-2007.