Sea Games Volleyball: Volleyball in the Philippines is ramping up its training in Brazil.

Sea Games Volleyball: Alyssa Valdez and the Philippine women’s volleyball team are in Brazil. It is to improve their skills in preparation for the Southeast Asian Games in May. On Tuesday, the Philippine women’s volleyball team will play another warm-up match against the biggest Brazilian squad. It’s one of five high-level matches scheduled to have the team in top form by then. And for the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, which will take place next month.

“Every time we go into practice, we constantly add something new,” remarked national team head coach Jorge Edson Souza de Brito.

“I can also watch the progress day by day.” So we’ll improve when we play the next match,” he continued.

Alyssa Valdez and Jaja Santiago were the captains of the Philippine women’s squad. For the first time in almost a decade, he hopes to finish on the podium. It is when the Southeast Asian Games, which will take place in Vietnam from May 12 to 23, begin.

Sea Games Volleyball

Sea Games Volleyball: The national women’s spikers

The national women’s spikers won a medal in the regional showpiece the last time they competed. They won a bronze medal in the 2005 tournament, which had hosted by Manila.

The squad increased the intensity of its practice sessions as it prepared for its next mission. And by emphasizing defense and strategy over the weekend.

Open spikers Valdez and Ces Molina were grouped with middle blockers Santiago and Dell Palomata. Mylene Paat, setter Iris Tolenada, and libero Dawn Macandili all worked on the defensive pattern that the coaching staff had taught.

Jema Galanza (open spiker), Kat Tolentino (opposite spiker), Kyle Negrito (setter), and Kath Arado (libero) teamed up. Also, Aby Marao, Majoy Baron, and Ria Meneses, the middle blockers, will focus on ball handling and receiving.

“In the morning, we worked on plans, and in the afternoon. Also, we put all the men together,” Souza de Brito explained. Trainers Odjie Mamon, Grace Antigua, Raffy Mosuela, Tina Salak, and therapist Grace Gomez backed him up.

Souza de Brito said,

Sea Games Volleyball: “Using five players, you can accomplish more with fewer men.” They must move faster, respond instantly, and cover more ground than normal,” the Brazilian tactician said. He also won a gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics with Brazil’s men’s volleyball team.

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