What is WBO?

The World Boxing Organization, established in 1988, is an authorizing body for proficient fights. The WBO’s debut president was Dominican Republic’s, Ramon Pina Acevedo. The World Boxing Organization’s base camp is in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The International Boxing Hall of Fame remembers it as one of the four significant big showdown groupings.

WBO Early History

The World Boxing Organization’s first president was Ramon Pina Acevedo. Shortly after its inception, the WBO began working on world title issues all around the world. The WBO was formed in 1988 after a group of Puerto Rican and Dominican cash directors broke away from the WBA’s annual meeting. Shortly after its inception, the WBO began working on world title issues all around the world. Begin working on world title challenges all over the world.

The World Boxing Organization authorized a session between Francesco Damiani and Johnny DuPlooy in 1989 to decide the principal heavyweight champion. Larry Holmes was recognized by the IBF not long after it was established in 1983, yet it was only after 1989 that their heavyweight champion was perceived as an authority titleholder.

Anyway, other boxing endorsing bodies respected Mike Tyson, who was unbeaten at that point, as the undisputed heavyweight champion. WBO heavyweight champions Michael Moorer, Riddick Bowe, and Henry Akinwande all surrendered their titles to seek after different open doors as the association fought to accomplish validity as a significant authorizing body. The Ring, a boxing diary, didn’t recognize the WBO, despite the fact that the IBF had been perceived from its establishment in 1983, five years before the WBO. Long-defending champs in the lighter-weight divisions, including Chris Eubank, Dariusz Michalczewski, Johnny Tapia, and Naseem Hamed, gave the WBO title extra regard during the 1990s.

Ricardo López came out on top for the WBO minimumweight championship by taking out Alex Sánchez on August 23, 1997. During its initial long time in Europe, the WBO was more generally acknowledged than in the United States, and support reliably performed well in unification matches against WBA, WBC, and IBF titles. Constantly 2000, the WBA has given WBO champions a similar acknowledgment as WBC and IBF champions.

Super Champion Award

The World Boxing Organization began naming WBO champions on its positioning records in 2004. The other three authorizing bodies are explicitly perceived in WBO guidelines. The JBC and the Japan Professional Boxing Association perceived the WBO Asia Pacific Championship in August 2016.

The World Boxing Organization has presented the privileged title of “Very Champion” on specific warriors in any weight class since the mid-2000s. Amanda Serrano and Claressa Shields are the main female fighters who have accomplished the title of “Very Champion.”

This is a lifetime accomplishment grant instead of a big showdown in the way of the WBA’s Super Championships. A fighter who has been assigned as a WBO Super Champion can’t lose or acquire the title from another fighter, and their situation as a Super Champion can be saved regardless of whether the fighter changes to an alternate weight class.

WBO Division

Warriors who come out on top for provincial titles endorsed by a WBO auxiliary are given a need in the rankings, which are distributed month to month. The World Championship Committee’s motivation is to name an obligatory challenger against whom the current hero should battle within a set time limit. It has the position to figure out who can challenge for the world title in another division straightforwardly. The WBO and other administrative bodies have a few corrective disparities, including the divisional names utilized, for example, “junior welterweight,” yet the WBC utilizes “very lightweight,” as per Shields.

In 2001, dead warrior Darrin Morris was climbed twice in the super-middleweights. Morris had recently struggled once in the three years before his passing. He was Number 7 at the hour of his death and Number 5 when the World Boxing Organization tracked down the goof. One of the three men situating the warriors really had not heard that Morris was dead, it was revealed seven days prior.

Nonetheless, World Boxing Organization president Alejandro Valcárcel has chastised the WBC for presenting the “Maya Belt” and involving it in battles where the WBO title was on the line. Meanwhile 2014, he revolted against the giving of half-focuses under the 10-Point Must System, which the other three divisions leaned toward. As of now, in October 2021, the WBO welcomed the leaders of different associations to a gathering of its chief board. Accordingly, the primary wellspring of concern was the means by which to manage joined together and undeniable heroes’ expected challengers. In addition, this was the first and foremost four significant associations’ chiefs met up close and personal.

World Boxing Organization Title Holders

Weight Class (Male)ChampionSince-PresentWeight Class (Female)ChampionSince-Present
WelterweightTerence CrawfordJune 9, 2018FeatherweightAmanda SerranoDecember 10, 2016
MiddleweightDemetrius Andrade
October 20, 2018
AtomweightMika IwakawaJuly 29, 2018
Junior bantamweightKazuto IokaJune 19, 2019FlyweightDebora Anahí LópezDecember 20, 2019
FeatherweightEmanuel NavarreteOctober 9, 2020Junior bantamweightTomoko OkudaDecember 13, 2020
Mini flyweightMasataka TaniguchiDecember 14, 2021Mini flyweightNguyễn Thị Thu NhiOctober 23, 2021
Junior flyweightJonathan GonzalezOctober 16, 2021BantamweightDina ThorslundJune 25, 2021
HeavyweightOleksandr UsykSeptember 25, 2021Junior featherweightSégolène LefebvreNovember 20, 2021
Junior heavyweightLawrence OkolieMarch 20, 2021Junior welterweightChristina LinardatouFebruary 8, 2020
Super middleweightCanelo AlvarezMay 8, 2021MiddleweightSavannah MarshallOctober 31, 2020
Junior featherweightStephen FultonJanuary 23, 2021WelterweightJessica McCaskill576

Weight Classes In World Boxing Organization

The popularity of boxing during the nineteenth century and again at the turn of the twentieth century prompted the creation of weight classes other than heavyweight to alleviate the disadvantage of smaller contestants having to yield excessive weight to their opponents. Some of these weight classes were developed in the United States, while others were developed in the United Kingdom. In addition, we the 17 Weight Classes Division in the World Boxing Organization.

Weight ClassPoundsKG
Minimumweight105 pounds48 kg
Light flyweight108 pounds49 kg
Flyweight112 pounds51 kg
Super flyweight115 pounds52 kg
Bantamweight118 pounds53.5 kg
Super bantamweight122 pounds55 kg
Featherweight126 pounds57 kg
Super featherweight130 pounds59 kg
Lightweight135 pounds61 kg
Super lightweight140 pounds63.5 kg
Welterweight147 pounds67 kg
Super welterweight154 pounds70 kg
Middleweight160 pounds72.5 kg
Super middleweight168 pounds76 kg
Light heavyweight175 pounds79 kg
Cruiserweight200 pounds91 kg
Heavyweightunlimited91+ kg

World Boxing Organization Regulations

The World Championship Contest Regulations of the World Boxing Organization are designed to balance the interests. Furthermore, in the game’s well-being, of all fundamental aspects of World Championship Boxing. As a result, the Championship contenders and their global allies have the most important interests. Therefore, big showdown confining has evolved into an international game in the twenty-first century. WBO is, nevertheless, continuously hung in a variety of cities and countries around the world, on every populous continent.

Most boxing fans can’t by and by going to World Championship bouts because of movement distances and costs; firstly, all things being equal, they should watch the game on TV and progressively on premium and pay-per-view communicates. Moreover, the handbags for rivals in WBO contests are often dependent on TV income. However, these standards are intended to bring all WBO Participants’ inclinations together for the more noteworthy government assistance of the game of boxing, and they ought to be deciphered and authorized appropriately.

1. World Championship Committee

In any case, the WBO President and four people. Furthermore, to close the Chairman of the Committee who will be assigned by the President, make up the Championship Committee. People from this Committee are chosen for a term of office that happens until their replacements are assigned. Additionally, for the circumstance that the Chairman is unavailable. In addition, WBO President acknowledges all of the Chairman’s constraints.

2. Metting of the Committee

The Committee meanwhile will meet at the areas, times, and in the way determined by the WBO President or Chairman. For issues before the Committee, a majority of three individuals is required. Furthermore, the action of the still up in the air by a larger part vote of the individuals from the Committee who make up the majority at the gathering. In this manner, Committee has the position to meet from a distance, by phone gathering as well as composing submittals. Furthermore, the Chairman has the power to demand the vote of the Committee individuals by means of phone, fax, or email.

Every individual from the Committee, as well as the WBO. Accordingly will get a report from the Chairman enumerating the aftereffects of the decision on the specific theme.

3. Weight Classes Division

The title is as yet hanging out there by weight. On the off chance that the World Boxing Organization Champion or conceivably challenger disregard to meet the foreordained burden during the power appear, both of them will have two hours to make the essential burden after that. In addition, this manner, if both of the two competitors forget to meet the normal burden inside an additional two hours. Firstly and foremost, these standards will stay set up. Furthermore, also the meeting will be held as an overweight title fight or a non-title fight, all things considered. Both the Champion and the challenger will move toward the scales for the power to steer the results something like two hours before the arranged burden plan.

4. Defense of the Title

Be that as it may, in these WBO Regulations, each World Boxing Organization World Champion, other than in the Heavyweight Division, will safeguard his title in a twelve-round fight against the Mandatory. Hence not permanently set up by the Championship Committee as demonstrated by these Regulations. Anyway at extent not outperforming nine months counting from the date of getting or from the last vital watchman. Right off the bat all things considered, in a twelve-round fight against the Mandatory. Further, still hanging out there by the Championship Committee according to the WBO Regulations.

5. Criteria Status as a Classified Fighter

However, to stay aware of his circumstance on the power World Boxing Organization request list. Moreover to be able to be relegated as the Mandatory Challenger by the World Championship Organization. Consequently contenders one and two ought to protect their plan somewhere near one time each year. Firstly and foremost against any of the gathered rivals in their weight arrangement. In effect, by the current overview of orders announced by the WBO leading group of legal administrators. What’s more, furthermore, he ought to follow the Association of Boxing Commissioners’ rules.